October 7th, 2004

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There are advantages to being on good terms with the campus police force. These advantages include not getting spot-arrested when, apparently, I'm supposed to be.

Even though there are no signs or other information distributed about it, it is apparently now forbidden to take, attempt to take, or distribute photos of the Athletic Complex without being a registered member of the press. The police officer who stopped me (and is best served by anonymity, as he did violate the law Big Time by opting to not act other than warn me) informed me of all this, and stated that he's not arresting me because "the chances of you being a terrorist are slightly less than the chances of me turning green and growing an extra nose on my ass." However, I can't distribute the two pictures I did take today of the Athletic Complex until after next Monday, and I should have been arrested on the spot, lost my camera, my storage card, and the money in my wallet. None of those things happened, fortunately.

I'm not pushing my luck, however. I will be taking no more photos of the Athletic Complex or associated areas (like that big tent in the parking lot next to it) for the duration, nor will I post them.

I do have plenty of pictures of the various weird media things occuring around campus, and I've recieved no restrictions about these. The photos I currently have of the Athletic Complex will not be removed- after all, it was not requested that I take them down... never mind the fact that Officer [censored] wasn't told about them.

But yes, there are good points about being on good terms with the campus police. "Not getting arrested as a terrorist" is pretty high up there.
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