September 22nd, 2004

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15 points ain't worth this

So Dr. Sally Goldman, in CSE441, has an interesting method of grading: since 2 TAs can't grade 60 homework assignments in one night, she delegates the job: prove to her that you really understand one of the homework problems that nobody's done yet, and if you grade everybody's homework for that problem (or you and whoever else is assigned to the problem), you get double full credit for that problem, without even writing it up.

Good deal, right? I figured it was an interesting way to see if TAing would be a good way for me to make money next semester- sort of a demo version of TAing. She said that the job wouldn't take longer than two hours; starting at 8:30, we'd be done by 10:30. I'd get back in plenty of time to get enough sleep for my 10:00a Philosophy class.

Well, I just got back from the CEC. Going down the parking garage rather than up, it's about a five-minute trip, but getting up here and getting the computer booted took a lot more time, so I'll say we only went two hours and 15 mintues over schedule.

15 points ain't worth four hours and 15 minutes of labor.

I'll be taking advantage of my realization that I should have given someone one more point to e-mail Dr. Goldman and ask her to review it to see if this person who got a 0/15 for Problem 2 (mine, of course) should have gotten a 1/15, but tell her I botched it because I was tired because it was already 12:20a by the time I made the error, also a true statement...

Damn. I still have to shower, I'm completely exhausted, and 10:00 class means I have to wake up at 9:00. It's my only class of the day- I think I'll just e-mail Dr. Wilburn, explain the situation, ask him for a quick recap, and sleep the fuck through the class. I don't think he'd be too angered, considering that the alternative probably entails my going to class and then sleeping the fuck thorugh it anyway, just in the front row and drooling on my notes.
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