September 21st, 2004

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Zen networking

I'm currently logged onto the computer "Tick" in the Linux 400 lab in the CEC. I prefer "Flea," as it's by a window, but it's not a huge deal. Flea isn't working at the moment.

It gave me the sort of network error that generally implies the cable isn't plugged in. So I crawled under the table and looked behind the computer; I was less than surprised to find one end of a network cable, connected to nothing. I checked the back of the computer, and the cable was plugged in there, so I took the loose end of the cable to the small four-computer wall-mounted router that Flea is supposed to connect to.

But all four ports were full. So what cable did I actually have? I traced it along its length, following the gray cord, through the padlock connecting the cables and computer to the wall (the cables can't quite be fed through- the cable heads are too large to not require some serious manuvering to move the other cables out of the way), to the other end of the cable.

This end of the cable was also connected to absolutely nothing.

So I had just found a networking cable, locked in with the rest, connected to absolutely nothing at all...
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