September 8th, 2004

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TCO: Did Not Qualify

Damn. My score of 177.xx was slightly more than 4 points too low to qualify. Four points is- umm, someone help me out here- on a 200 point question, is that about a minute? 'Twas a close race: only 4 points under, but I was still down in 124th, I think. 100 or better to qualify.

Oh well. At least it's generally accepted that Problem Set 4 (my set) was the worst set of them all for actual programming skill- it was an "really really hard" with a "typing speed contest trivial", and I wasn't quite up to speed on typing.

Simplifies weekend plans, since I won't have a TopCoder round to compete in.

By the way, dplass, you came in 69th place and qualified in your problem set. Congrats!
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University Bandwidth Crapout

Damn it, why do I keep getting speeds like 12 KBPS on this $260/yr cable Internet connection? I do believe I will ask ResTech what's up with that.

I won't be surprised if it turns out that BitTorrent users are slowing down the system for everybody. They throttled Kazaa, Napster, Direct Connect, Morpheous, and similar programs to 1/4 of the total bandwidth availible, but they might not yet know what a BitTorrent signature looks like.
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