August 28th, 2004

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College, Round 2

And so it continues. Later today (technically speaking), after probably being unable to sleep, I'll be carted back to Washington University to begin my second year of college. I'm looking forward to my CS classes, I'm uncertain about Ficiton Writing, Present Moral Problems should be cool, and I'm sort of afraid of Calc III.

We'll have to see how it goes.

Last Monday, I was on campus for textbook purposes anyway, and so my father and I went down to the office in the Village (the northern residential area where I'll be staying) and asked if it would be possible to see my room, or at least have its dimensions. The RA-seeming dude at the desk took me up there.

Somehow, the cheapest single on campus is quite possibly the largest single on campus. I think the discount is for an old building, no private restroom, a single-gender building, and being off the 40. But the room is great...
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So I finally got ResTech's automagic system to see me on the network. It hijacks my browser the first time I try to visit any web page to make me click a few buttons to give them money for Internet access, and then I've got my connection.

In theory, anyway. In practice, the system can't handle 1,500 people all trying to get connections at the same time. I've been trying to make it work since 3:30 PM. Note that it is now 11:10.

The fun part is that the web page you try to access doesn't have to be a viable web page, it just has to be any http query. The one that finally got to the system was Behold the power of insult.

Anyway, yes, I'm moved in, and yes, I'm exhausted, and yes, this room is luxurious except for everything that's wrong with it. Pictures to follow... uhm, tomorrow, or knowing me probably far later, because I'm really not awake enough to operate either my camera or my campus webspace.
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