August 16th, 2004

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Well, that wasn't too bad. The Novocaine has mostly worn off, but what hurts the most is actually the places where they injected me with it, not where they yanked out my teeth with a screwdriver-like object. The doctor (who's name I've forgotten) did a great job.

My speech is far better than I'd expect it to be, with half my face still numb. (Interestingly, it's the half they put less Novocaine in- the second tooth wasn't completely numb, so they had to double or triple the dose or something, but I can feel that side of my face fine.) The annoying part is that I'll still be bleeding a bit for a couple of days- and when I bleed, I have a lot of a strange sort of saliva. That's the annoying bit for me... almost drooling,
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