June 28th, 2004

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Easy Exam

So I just finished my first Psych 100 exam. Y'know, the one scheduled to run for the whole class period? Until 2:45?

Yeah, I've finished it. For those who can't read the time stamp, it's now 1:38, and then there was time to get to the CEC- so I finished it at some time around 1:30. It started at 1:00.

There were only two questions I wasn't certain on, but I'm certain I got the extra credit. Really, even if I botched those two, that would be a 49/50. If I didn't botch them, that's 51/50. Even that first score is good enough for me...
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Washington University- Now with Fast Test Results!

So I looked up the two questions I wasn't sure of, found out that I had botched them. Oh well- I still expected a high score.

Scene: 2:47 PM, at the campus branch of Bank of America, with my parents, getting my account changed over to Regular Checking since I can maintain the minimum balance and I don't like a $4.00/mo "maintainance fee" since my parents don't have BoA accounts. And then in comes Professor Lambert- the instructor for the Psych class in question.

A bit of amused discussion later, and I discover that those two questions were indeed the only things I missed, I got the extra credit, and I got 49/50, or 98%. I'll call that "good enough."
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