June 16th, 2004

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Somehow I am amused, but not surprised in the least, when my psychology book first poses two puzzles on one page, and then on the next page, explains the typical thought pattern that "everybody" uses to solve it, and it bears no resemblance to my solution method.

Nor am I surprised when it goest on to describe how "everybody" thinks and "everybody" is limited by language and I find it to utterly fail to describe me in the slightest, missing the mark on every single "do it on yourself" experiment within the chapter.
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color cycle (slow)


So I just finished a TopCoder match. My rating went down; the drop was, however, exactly seven points, so I think I can work my way back up eventually.

Definition of "painful timing:"

System> assembler is opening Windrider's 500-point problem.
System> The Challenge Phase is now ending for Single Round Match 199.
System> assembler has successfully challenged Windrider for 321.93 points.

It was a timeout case, started with six seconds to go- so mine fell after I thought I was safe. Do you have any idea how much that sucks?

It would have fallen to the same case in the systests anyway, but still: ARRGH.

(And yes, I pulled the 321.93 out of thin air; I think it was lower. It was in that vicinity, though.)