May 10th, 2004

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ETA 2hr 14min

I'm only slightly over two hours away from the first of my finals, and it's the worst one: Physics. I'm not really all that worried, but there's always that little bit of anxiety, y'know?

Wish me luck, all...
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Finals: 1/2 done

Well, that's Physics. So Physics and Acting are done, leaving my two CS classes.

Y'know, it's really kind of eerie to carefully clean out the room I've lived in for the past several months, rearrange the furniture back to the orignial layout, close the door for the last time, sign the sheet on the door, and leave the keys at ResLife. I don't know why, but it was a sort of philosophical thing for me.

I guess it's finally hit me that my first year is one day away from being over.

I do not want it to end.

At least I'll be back for the summer.
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