April 29th, 2004

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Music Roulette Result

Five hits, one miss. Tally is six good CDs and one really bad one for two bucks. I suspect it is as well as I could ever hope for.

The one that really doesn't do it for me isn't entirely bad. The instrumental work is wonderful- in fact, I'd like the CD quite a bit if it was just the instruments. But it has vocals, and that is an unforgivable sin when the lead singer can't sing.

I lack the adjectives to describe the sound. The best I can do, I suppose, is draw a connection to popular fiction. Has anybody read the Spellsinger series by Alan Dean Foster? Think of his description of the main character's singing ability- at the beginning of the series, before he's gotten some skill through practice. Remember how that was described? Remember the sound you created in his mind to try to think of how Jon-Tom's voice must be?

Think moderately worse than that.

Anybody interested in a CD with good instruments but bad vocals? Anybody?

The rest was great. I don't know what my favorite is. It was almost all entirely different from what I expected- everything except for CyberChoralColors and Transpositional Landscapes- and yet I'm not disappointed...
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On Encouraging Signs

The scene is Holmes Lounge, slightly before 11:30 AM, in line at lunch. I notice Dr. Robert Pless, my CS 201 professor from last semester, in line two places behind me. After a rather standard exchange of greetings, I inquire about his research. And in that conversation...

"But yes, I'm interested in doing research. It wouldn't be next fall, as I'm full up with classes, but maybe the semester after that."
"What are your plans for the summer, then?"

I take it as an encouraging sign when a professor's response to a question about what research he has availible is asking if you'd be able to join it essentially immediately.

I am, of course, taking summer classes, but Dr. Pless is not discouraged. I've sent him an e-mail to ask questions and perhaps set up an appointment to discuss research as he requested I do, and we'll see what reply I get to that. He also informed me that even if he can't find a spot at my skill level (it's an over/under thing- the opening either needs a skill I don't have, or is way below my level in Dr. Pless' opinion) for his project, he's got other leads.

This is actually typical of how my week has been going. The CS 102 Othello tournament crashed, allowing me a chance to get my late-because-of-mistyped-email-address submission in when Dr. Kwasny stated he had to restart it because someone's strategy had an infinite loop, my TopCoder T-shirt arrived, I won Audio Roulette, I did well in Acting class- let's see how long this streak can be made to continue!
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Othello Contest Results

Yay! My strategy came in 5th out of 38! Not bad at all, considering that I never read any of the sites Dr. Kwasny suggested for Othello strategies and instead devised the entire algorithm myself.
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