April 10th, 2004

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Intense Recreation

This has been a busy week, homework-wise, for me. So I called triton668 and he called one of his friends (sort of a mutual friend now) for an afternoon of "Magic: The Gathering." We'd played an hour here and there before, but now it was Friday afternoon.

We started playing at about 5:00 PM.
I just got back to my room from the last game. The time is now 2:13 AM.

I think that's the most "Magic: The Gathering" I have ever played in one sitting at my life. And boy, that was fun!
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color cycle (slow)

Code Comedy

Comments in my CS 241 programming assignment can be rather comical when taken out of the context of what I'm building. Anybody have any guesses as to what

//Preincrement critical. Extracted stomped

is actually a comment about?
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