April 1st, 2004

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Nasty: adj. Said of a TopCoder Single Round Match in which 229 points for the round is sufficient to raise my rating 87 points.
Whee: interjection. Expressed when an 87-point rating gain kicks the interjector into the yellow ranking.

This last round was nasty. Whee! (For the curious, I came in 52nd place.)
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color cycle (slow)

Programming Frustrations

By the way... would any of you happen to have a sledgehammer and the home address of the twit who thought it would be a good idea to make setMinimumSize(Dimension size) NOT implicitly call setPreferredSize(Dimension size) when the min is larger than the preferred, or the preferred is undefined? I'd like to have a little conversation with him about that programming decision, to make it so Swing components will prefer to size something at below its minimum functional size if you don't explicitly set the preferredSize as well.
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