March 31st, 2004

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The Paid Account Fairy and other news

Ooh, shiny extra features on a LiveJournal Paid Account!

And I didn't have to spend a cent. I just got an e-mail informing me that my payment of $0.00 was recieved, and I have two months of paid time effective immediately.

This is not quite as surreal as it sounds. Y'see, Support Volunteers occasionally find this phenomenon happening to themselves... and in the last week, I both scored my 50th point and my first I2s (permission to view internal comments and move requests in one category). And then I abruptly find myself with a Paid Account I didn't have to pay for.

The LiveJournal Support Paid Account Fairy strikes again!

So I just got last Thursday's exam back. I nervously flipped the paper to see my score. And there in the score box, what do I see but


It's one of those little moments life gives you to add to the suspense. There had evidently been an error in the grading or the tallying of my grade, and so they had to cross out the score that was so close to an A. (The Physics A-line is 85%.) Slowly, so slowly, I looked down below the box...


Well, that works for me.

And my monologue in Acting class went really well for me, according to my classmates, and Jeffery. The latter is my professor, and as he's giving the grade, his opinion is the one that actually matters, and hence I can safely say that's two exams I've found out I did well on in one day! Yay! And paid time! Yay!

Now I'll have to stop hedging around and take the pictures of myself I've been planning to for a while for new userpics because I won't have to throw anything out until I make twelve more. And maybe I could commission an artist or two if I still have paid time once my checking account statements aren't sent to my parents anymore so I don't get interrogated over sending $COST to a non-company entity.

Anyway, my mood is disturbingly squee, which probably means I'll do well on my exam tomorrow; how I do on an exam seems to be largely affected by my mood for it and before it. And maybe well on this evening's TopCoder match. And I feel so good, I'll actually get the pictures I took for this purpose off my digital camera, on my computer, in the GIMP and adjusted to read "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"! (See also current music.)

I like being in disturbingly happy mode.
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