March 23rd, 2004

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It's fun to get thanked by a user when helping out in the Support area.

Ooh, and I'm only two points away from 50. Yay, I guess, although I'm not quite at rahaeli's 26,000something...
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Bad Options

I hate it when I wind up with enough obligations forced upon me I have to drop one. I'm having to abandon a Physics homework assignment (with almost no progress on it anyway) for Computer Science. So I'm taking a zero for a Physics HW.

But it's better than doing a half-assed job on CS, or an incomplete. The lowest Physics HW is dropped, and the remaining 13 problem-set grades are combined to make an entire whopping ten percent of the course value. The CS 102 lab, on the other claw, is worth 10 percent of the course grade by itself and is undroppable.

And CS is a lot more fun.
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Bad call

Damn it! I could have gotten both my Physics and my CS done, but it's half an hour too late to drop the Physics. I've got the CS done.

Hmm. Actually, I probably couldn't have done both; with how Physics fries my brain, I doubt I would have been able to track down all these bastard bugs.
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