February 28th, 2004

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System> Registration is closed for 2004 TCCC, Online Round 1.

I qualified on Tuesday. Wish me luck, all, here it goes...
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TCCC: Advance

My score: 897.13
Cutoff: 191ish

I'm on to round 2! Take that, stupid statistic generator saying I only had a one out of three chance! Nyah! Nyah!

I have coding!

Oh, and for the final coolness? I got a rank up. My rating is now 1528, which is over the cutoff line; my username is now in yellow. I like the color blue, but I think I like the rank of yellow!
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The Draft


A cross-post of a link (from another TopCoder member) to a news item, but a particularly disturbing one. Some numbers on why the draft is probable, and notes on why it's probably got to happen- about three days after Bush is re-elected.

My personal ethics are such that if I can't get out of the military with my asthma, fallen arches, personal ethics, spirituality, bisexuality, or proximity to Canada, I'll commit suicide. It's not an "I might" sort of thing; if it comes down to that, I'll sooner claim my own life than allow myself to be forced to kill others. If death becomes the only way out, I'll take it.

Not a bright subject. But it is more reason why I'm not voting for Bush- and I'll be able to vote this Presidential election, for whatever it's worth.
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