February 26th, 2004

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Do-It-Yourself Dorm Repair

There's a definite "rite-of-passage"-y feel to fixing a toilet. Imagine me, then, still dripping from my shower, straddling this toilet, wrists deep in the tank, and finally enlisting Joe's help to fix it (he held down the internal part of the lever so I had more slack in the chain, which had popped out of the ring holding it to that suction-cup-plunger-stopper-thingie).

Adding humilliation to annoyance, of course, was the rriip of my pajama bottoms splitting right at the crotch when I straddled the toilet to get a better angle. I had been trying the "bend over" strategy, but our toilet is walled in on three sides- two walls and a sink counter; therefore, I was bending over the bowl and had to use one hand to support myself against the far wall. (It wound up taking three hands to fix the thing.) And then that hand slipped and I bashed my head against the wall- not too hard, mind you, but enough to be an annoyance. Oh, and to add to the problem of my pajamas? No underwear. My contortions to let Joe in the area so he could hold down the lever were increased by my contortions for modesty's sake.

Ain't nothin' quite like fixing a toilet at midnight!
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