December 1st, 2003

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It seems too soon somehow...

First Final Exam: Dec. 12, 3:30p - 5:30p, Location TBA: CS101


At least I'm starting with the one I can confidently expect to do really, really well in. But still, it's easy to be skittish about tests after getting a Calculus test grade like that when I was confident I'd done well- I'll be digging for regrades on the hand-graded questions, you can believe that. If I lost points where I think they took them, anyway.

Tomorrow's class is the last real one. It's a primer on Java applets, and then we're done. Thursday's is a briefing for the CS101 Contest (in which I share my Tetris game with all of you as I turn it into a Java applet and activate my CEC webspace); Friday's is the Final Course Summary and Monday is the pre-exam review. Tuesday is the Programming Contest Awards Ceremony... and the class doesn't meet again until the final showdown in whereever the exam room is.


I register for courses Wednesday. Let's pray that Acting I doesn't fill up; the grads, seniors, and juniors have only taken five out of 14 slots in the class, but that leaves all the sophomores and the freshmen with an earlier registration time-slot.
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