November 6th, 2003

color cycle (slow)

When Anti-Bayesian Spam Costuming Goes Horribly Wrong

Remember, as you read this, that the entire thing was in <h1> and was therefore painfully large. (And how I got it to say <h1> h1 without it trying to execute is a trade secret.) I didn't click the link; I'd guess it's YAPS (Yet Another Pyramid Scheme,) but I'm not sure. Link was the underlined text, but I'm not making it live. So there. Nyah.

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Oh, now I get what's up! I couldn't actually read the text I was supposed to read, and could read only the hidden stuff. My preferred computer color scheme is inversed- light gray on black- to reduce eyestrain. So this meant I could see all their invisible white text, leaving the italicized text completely invisible- although it was supposed to be the other way. I didn't see the italicized text at ALL until I highligted it for the copy.

I've got a similar problem entering forms in Opera, actually. It's quite happy to listen to my system's request for a black background color for text boxes, but not for gray text. So it prints in the ever-legible black-on-black scheme. Any workarounds better than highlighting the text to see what I just typed?
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