August 28th, 2003

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When Life Imitates Other Peoples' Art

Washington University campus has, overall, good food. This is an abberation of the natural order, and I'm not sure how it came about. I believe that the only thing keeping the Universe from imploding, centered on this point, is that the food that is not good is insidiously inedible. It's not prepared poorly, and uses the highest-quality ingredients... but some of the food is just naturallly horrendous.

It can be amusing when one finds that one's experiences match those of a fictional character. So without further ado, sythyry describes my Buffalo Chicken wrap.
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DOL: Dragon OnLine

Yes! I have my in-room Internet connection back!

No thanks to the person who's supposed to fix it; Brian (the RCC for this dorm) hasn't been particularly helpful. I went to ResTech, got the patch CD, filled out the information, swore an oath that I installed the patches, and got my Internet access turned back on.


(And lest you worry: yes, I've completed my homework for the evening.)
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