August 19th, 2003

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My computer has mastered the art of scaring the hell out of me.

Take last night, for instance. I was certain my data was a goner when it gave me the friendly blue error screen upon boot:

A serious error has occured. Your system has been stopped to prevent further damage or loss of data. The exact error message was:


If this is the first time you have seen this error, reboot. ...

All right, it's not verbatim, but it gets the point across. And the perfect feeling of "YIKES" I felt when I discovered my computer had one of those errors that tends to be extremely damaging: a busted file system, a b0rken index so the comp can't even find where it's stashed its data.

I gave it a reboot, it took five times as long to start... and all was fine. XP has incredible error recovery, although it has to use it far more than I'd hope for it to.

It's not the first time my computer's done something like this; I get a Stop on about every third boot, but it's usually a page fault or a USB problem or... or... or... and it's not quite as terrifying. Obnoxious, but not as terrifying. It's traced some of it to my touchpad driver; I've fixed that, now it doesn't know what's wrong.

At my father's advice, and nauta's recent computing experience, I think I'll stop using SUSPEND mode on this thing. It's a lot faster either way than a powerdown, for when I'm just leaving it "for a bit", but if it's what's causing this...
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