August 8th, 2003

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Hypothesis: The Possible Evolutionary Development of Homosexuality

This is that inflammatory one I warned y'all about, folks.

First: Lest anybody think I'm poking my snout into a category I should stay out of, and impersonally analyzing something that's none of my business because it doesn't affect me: I'm bisexual. I've got a bit of an excuse to be interested in such issues. Although it really doesn't affect my choosing to study and analyze whatever I see.

Second: No, this isn't a joke; it's actually a real hypothesis. Not strictly a hypothesis, because it is an explanation for something in the past and therefore, not testable. "Theory" is probably a better word, but it implies that it's more than a thought-study, which this isn't.

Anyway, behind cut tags because this is sort of long...

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1. "Geneline" seems a more appropriate term than "bloodline." It refers, in this case, to genetically related offspring, as opposed to an adopted family. "Offspring" can be assumed to refer to "geneline;" "children" and "family" cannot be used with the same assumption.
2. Help from people less lazy than me to find a news story on this would be appreciated.
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