June 25th, 2003

determined, chalk, flying

Calc Test 1

Time allowed for Tuesday's Calc 1 test: 1:00, extended to 1:20. (One person still didn't finish.)
Time I spent: 0:45.
Course point value: 100.
Highest score: 100 A!.
Lowest score: 55 F.
My score: 94 A.
My test score rank: 3rd in class

Not bad, not bad at all!

Now to get this damn Literature paper written around Writer's Block from Hell.
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And this is the top 10%?

It is raining heavily outside. Very heavily. "The Swamp," the grassy area in the South 40 that should be called "The Plains" over anything else, is living up to its name. Lightning strikes are occuring about once every twenty-five seconds at a two-mile distance, and I am considering unplugging my computer.

There are four people outside, in The Swamp, throwing a Frisbee around.
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