June 15th, 2003

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Night 1: Just say "No"

Last night was rather interesting. As requested by the PAs and RA, I left my dorm's door open when I was in it and in a semi-sociable mood- and promptly discovered that somebody from a special activity program I joined several years back (PROBE, yet another one of those hands-on learning thingies) lived two doors down.

We talked, played a few Icehouse-based games, and discovered that she had come in late and couldn't get her books.

I informed her she had a reading assignment due Monday. (True. I still need to read it.) I let her borrow my copy of the book, which she just returned to me.

Later, as I was debating whether to just call it a night at 9:15 PM or wander around aimlessly more, I heard Vijay- the RA (Residence Advisor- uh, assistant? The senior dude here)- asking if anybody wanted to play basketball. "You don't have to be any good, or have played anytime in the last 10 years. Anybody want to play?"

I needed the exercize, so with the warning that I actually haven't played for over six years, joined up.

I think the best part was how, while I was obviously and thoroughly the least competent player on the court... nobody minded. We all had fun. (I even managed to make myself useful at a few points in the game! Wow!)

The team I was on lost- no surprise, as we had divided by height- but we all had fun...

After showering and heading to bed at around 10:30, I was starting to wish the din of the dorms would silence at least somewhat. It did, although Saturday quiet hours don't begin until 1:00 AM, but at a few minutes until midnight:
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