June 14th, 2003

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Seven hours, fifty-five minutes, fifty-three seconds.

And counting down.

Updated as the last bits of packing complete.
12:34:41 AM -7:26:19
Got food and some utensils, tools, Ziploc bowls, etc. packed; probably enough to last me for the entire main year. Relaxing with a game of Turbo 21 at Pogo, if that game is considered "relaxing."
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Almost time...

It's almost time to go. My stuff is mostly packed and labeled; there's not much more to do. Although I'm rather obviously not making my 8:00 AM target; it's okay, because I'm not late until 2:30 PM (when the last bus from the airport arrives).

The previous journal entry, by the way, has as little information as it does because I had to shut the computer down to disconnect and pack most of its attachments, after which time I really didn't feel like turning it back on.
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Well, I'm here.

Unpleasant Surprise #1: No 'Net access until Monday, except for at this retarded public Macintosh. (I am not a Mac lover.)
Unpleasant Surprise #2: ...and if I get it then, it's $60.00 for the five weeks.

In other words, my email address is not changing. I'll be using dial-up access from my room's phone, with free local calls, so I'll just use what I've got- but I won't get that until tomorrow, at best...

Anyway, I'm still alive.