May 18th, 2003

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College Computing Chaos

Just a bit of a request for advice: any suggestions for laptop computers good for college? I'm currently leaning towards a Gateway 400S-something, with Windows XP Pro (for the networking). I'll also add Norton Internet Security 2003 and Office XP Student Edition to whatever I wind up with.

The Gateway's biggest draw, other than it having literally everything I need for "only" $1,600 (my father's spending target), is the warranty, included in that price. By multiplying the warranty fee by 2.5, we threw in Accidental Damage Protection- that covers soda spills, drops, shoves out a window, falling down the stairs while carrying the thing, and any other sort of accidental damage generally not covered by standard "only if it's our fault" warranties. Considering that this thing's going to college, I think such a warranty is a good idea.

But I haven't had a Gateway before. Any comments on it, or suggestions of better ideas? Remember the price target is $1,600ish, although cheaper is of course better.
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