May 4th, 2003

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Planetarium: Assorted Unrelated Randomness

Today was tiring as usual. I arrived with exactly thirty seconds to spare, when I was assigned to check the top floors (the actual exhibit gallery) and see what was working. Almost everything.

But then I checked the Learning Lab (computer area, we also have star charts and space-related books for visitors) and discovered that someone had created an eight foot high tower of Duplo blocks. Eight feet high.

It wasn't as impressive a feat of engineering as it sounds- it was just leaning on the wall. But I had to disassemble it, lest some visitor pull it down on top of xirself and get injured. So I moved a chair over by the DUPLO table, stood on it, and discovered that I couldn't quite reach the top of the tower. (The 8 feet didn't count the table.)

Holding at the middle and near the top, I slowly started tilting it down, trying to get it to a state where I could disassemble it- and carefully tilting it sideways but away from the computers, so nothing would get damaged if-


Eight feet of falling DUPLO blocks are loud.

The only other notable event was when I found myself needing to use the restroom; heading in, I was forced to call Building Servicies (read as: Janitorial) to get the Biggest Turd I Have Ever Seen In This Life out of the toilet. It hadn't clogged it, but it was long enough that it couldn't go around the curve in the pipe in the toilet drain.

I don't know why, but it took me a while to stop laughing when I heard the sound of the plunger. I don't know why the *SPORTCHKA* sound struck me so funny, but it did- probably because I knew exactly what it had to be...
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