April 20th, 2003

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Equipment: check. "ON" key: whoops!

Today at the Planetarium was weird.

I got there at 11:57, three minutes early; I went into the office (enjoying, as always, the startled looks of people realizing for the first time that there's a well-camoflauged door there) and was greeted by...


The lights were even off; it was the first time I had to find the lightswitch.

Ten seconds later, somebody (who I found out later was Steve) came in. "Where's Kristi?" "Beats me."

Within another three minutes, we determined that there was actually no sign of a supervisor. Seth came through and helped us find some semblance of order and got things going, with one critical little flaw: the Star Shuttle wouldn't turn on. Nobody had a key.

This lead to an interesting relay race- with only three of us around (plus Bill, the projector operator who's the most reliable of us all, but is stapled behind his console at all times) between the three areas of the building that really need two people each. We took turns blocking visitors without tickets from going up the stairs we had propped open, and working on the two floors of the building.

Good thing it was just about dead today. The total visitor count can't have exceeded 50. When 300 is normal, that's really not much. (You win, drakeblazefire!)

Quote of the day: "Are you a human being?" --Nervous child seeing me only as a figure in the dark, when I'm trying to tell him to quiet down for the star show. I didn't answer.

There was one real tragedy, though. This quote will burn in my mind forever; it took every ounce of will I had not to just break down crying.

As they exited the Planetiarum, coming down the stairs, a mother slapped her child. "Too bad we can't really go to space so I can just leave you floating there." All malice. No teasing.
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