March 23rd, 2003

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SLSC: Power To The Asses

The Planetarium gets really interesting when we have power faults. All the main lights turn off and all the work lights turn on, resulting in the place actually being brighter for the duration until the breakers get flipped again.

By The Numbers:
Visitors evicted from the Science Center: 5
...By me: 0
Visitors in dragon-related T-shirts: 18
...who did a definite double-take at me: 2
Screaming children: 5
...because they got injured: 4
.......because they and their parents were stupid: 2
...because she had serious, serious issues: 1
......Number of things said girl was afraid of: immesurable, over 25 (floor, ceiling, me "He's gonna eat me!", stars, dark, tunnels, shirt, surprisingly tolerant mother, lights, burned-out lights, computer monitors, robot arms...)
Number of functions busted on the VideoRobotArm: 4
Number of times tech claimed to have fixed it: 3
Number of times it was actually repaired: 0
Number of OUT-OF-ORDER signs used: 9
Number of OUT-OF-ORDER signs destroyed by visitors: 9
Number of OUT-OF-ORDER signs affixed with 25% of a full roll of tape to prevent such destruction: 3, to no effect
Number of visitors who were, on second thought, flirting with me in my usual oblivious state: 2
Amount of money found on the floor: $0.25
Obcenities on the "Write On This Table:" 12
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nyah, tongueout, glasses, nerd


I'm really lame at starting conversations over AIM, especially with people I don't really know.

It's not that I don't want to talk- I do- but I'm lame at opening conversations.

And I don't know when it's okay to bother somebody for no reason at all. I'm really a rather interesting person to talk to, but I don't open conversations enough.

Darn it, how do I know who I can bother out of the blue for no apparent reason?
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