March 8th, 2003

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It's been a while since I played Roboforge... it's this cool game where you build a combat robot, program it, then let it go in an arena against an opponent where it runs autonomously. (Which makes online tourneys easy- upload it to the server and just watch the results.)

My new robot is actually done right- no real vulnerabilities, everything's shielded, and the weapons actually work as I expect.

Robot 6 in the "Dragon" series, I have to name it after someone. Bakel, what color scheme would you like on this robot, if it's okay to name a robot after you? The random number generator by my computer came up a "12," so I arbitrarily selected you for the robot name- lest anybody else feel insulted. (I have this cool little lottery machine with a busted motor, but I can operate it by hand.)

And to everybody else: want your name on a 'bot? Let me know and tell me the color scheme.
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