February 26th, 2003

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Still A Few Problems To Iron Out

I didn't get this posted last night because of my new sleep schedule (bleah)... but this happened last night at judo class.

We were learning a new sacrifice technique- foot behind opponent's knee, pull and fall backwards. We had gotten the idea, so Sensei had us turn it into a takedown- by having us roll backwards to turn it into a pin.

Richard did perfectly every time- no surprise; he's a brown belt and has done it before.

Beth and Caine had more problems. Beth would lose her inertia, so sort of struggled around sideways; Caine always spun in mid-air because he usually does that when going to the mat so he's face down- not what's needed here.

I did it halfway.

Literally. I tried to roll backwards, ran out of inertia halfway, and couldn't power myself over- beyond the perfect balance point.

To everybody's amusement (including mine), I wound up- three times in a row- with my legs straight up in the air, with me unable to finish the pin.
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