February 13th, 2003

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Banning Policy

Another ban set. I won't call it pre-emptive, though- it was for a very specific reason and not a general trouble-avoidance-just-in-case.

I guess it's time to say my methods:

1. If you email me more than twice with a request to "Add me back, add me back," you will be banned.
2. If you flame me without actually expressing your motive, you will be banned.
3. If you blatantly, deliberately start a clearly avoidable flame war anywhere, anytime, on any web site, you will be banned.
4. If you are generally caustic, you may be pre-emptively banned, but asking nicely may get this lifted.
5. If you act in any of the above ways to any of my friends, you will be banned.

Really, I'm quite tolerant, no matter how this somewhat irriated post may sound like. But I have limits, I mark them quite clearly when they're being approached.

NOTE: Nobody on my friends list has even come close to any of this, so if you're on it, It's Not You(TM).
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It's been observed that I'm not on AIM (or Yahoo) very often.

Guilty as charged.

I suppose the best thing to note is when I can be reached:

Saturday or Sunday: 25% chance I will be on for most of the day- half the time, I'm at the Science Center, and half again my parents have dragged me out somewhere.
Monday: I'm usually on after 4:30 PM or so until dinner, then I'm on until I'm not, which is usually around when I go to bed.
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: Not usually on, because of judo class.
Friday: Onn after 4:30 until 6:55, as America's Funniest Home Videos comes on at 7:00. I might be on after the show is over, but not always...

And I try to get to bed early-ish, so no guarantees...

Anyway, y'all now have a fair shot at figuring out when I'm actually on. Maybe.