February 1st, 2003

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Science Center: Fractional Deficiency

No matter what the news, the Science Center doesn't close. (We were open on 9-11-01.) I reported for work 45 minutes early so I could see the new Omnimax show- as I'm required to; quite interesting, but nothing I didn't already know. Go figure.

Absolutely nothing of note happened today other than my giving a five-year-old a three minute lesson on fractions and decimals. His Lego Mindstorms robot needed a 0.6 second left turn correction; how to teach him how to do it without doing it myself?

I put in the command for him and asked him to get the time. He didn't understand the concept of "less than one but more than zero."

I taught this kid fractions and decimals- sort of- in three minutes flat.

And he understood.

That was, in retrospect, quite satisfying.
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