January 28th, 2003

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Perhaps I spoke too soon.

Now that the illness part seems to be better, my athsma's kicking in full swing and even my inhaler isn't helping much...
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Helping Out

I help people.

My parents just decided to go to Best Buy. I'm mostly over my cold, so I went with them.

In the video games section, I encountered a confused lady trying to figure out which light unit was best; I steered her away from the ones that feed off the linkport (Nintendo claims that's why I had to have my first Game Boy repaired) and towards the Light Shield, which eats AAAs but is really the best availible. (Until I saw the XENO light. Oh well.)

She then asked me for advice: what game would be suitable for her four-year-old? "Would this do?"

"While he may or may not like the show, 'SpongeBob Squarepants for the Game Boy Advance' got a 3/10 at ign.com and I wouldn't recommend it."

"Oh. What would be good for a four year old?"

I steered her to Super Mario World.

I then answered her queries about the E-reader, the link cable, batteries, games, saving, and about nine other things, being as helpful as I could.

"Thanks, man." she said as I left. "They really aught to hire you here!"

"You're welcome."

As I walked over to the computer games section, I heard her saying to her husband (who arrived about halfway through):

"I wish there were more people like him."
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