January 2nd, 2003

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Winter Storm Warning is in effect... Yes! Yes! I love it when it snows!

I looked out the window 10 minutes ago. No sign of snow, just a bit of sleet.
I looked out the window just now. No sign of ground, just a big sheet of white with more coming down at high speed.
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Thought Residue

A broccoli-and-sweet-potato smoothie would be really gross.

I don't know why my brain throws out these kinds of things.
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Filters, again

The ESSAY filter is now being renamed to the "School Help" filter. My college essay is now done and in; full version to be posted soon. Margaret Bauer, my kata partner's sister, who got in to Washington U., says I did better than she did. A pre-emptive "Thanks" to those of you who helped, whether I get in or not!

The Metaphysical filter remains; I simply haven't posted to it for a while. This filter, like the "School Help" filter, is open; just ask if you want to see the Even Weirder(TM) parts of my already odd life.

My closed filters have not gotten any posts, so you're not missing anything.
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Sleep Cycle

I'm going to have to force myself to get on a reasonable sleep cycle. 2:00a - 10:00a doesn't do it for me, especially as with the 2:00a being when I go to bed, with me really falling asleep somewhere around 3:30a, and only waking up at 10:00a when my father leaves the lights on, turns on the radio, and cranks up the volume. On non-work weekends, I sleep until noon.

I gotta fix this. At least I'm tired enough today from playing outside in 5in. of snow (yay!) that I actually feel like going to bed...

suggestions, please?
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