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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On The Changing of Height
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I remember when I first started using this computer desk. I had to sit on a phone book to be able to use the computer comfortably.

...I just put a phone book under the computer so I don't have to bend my neck down to see the screen.

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Low desk. I don't know why I should be having trouble with it now- it worked just fine when I was 12!

Was a joke.. cause your icon was flipped. :P

Nevermind.. hehe.

Oh, that. So I was hanging from the rafters during the photo shoot...

(Deleted comment)
Would you believe the same is true for me? I just had a bizarre, massive, painful growth spurt for the last three years. I used to be, according to medical charts, approximately six inches shorter than I should have been at my age up until I turned 16. Now I'm only slightly below average height.

I had to put a phone book under the computer, but it's a short desk...

I had the opposite problem - I've been above the curve since elementary school. Not Amazonian, but I'm now 5'8"... which means I can comfortably look down at some of the shorter guys I know. (Most of them outweigh me, though - they actually have muscle.)

It was a nice change when the boys caught up around middle school to have to look up at people sometimes, and finally have most of my classmates near my eye level.

Though my 6'6" friend does make me involuntarily spooky, just because I'm not used to someone looming over me like that. I can deal with people at 6' or so, but Brian's just too much. (He works out, too... very intimidating.)

I prefer short desks because keyboard and mouse feel better lower. We used to have a dictionary under the 15" monitor in here - one of those giant unabriged dictionaries. Worked nicely. Partly because it was only slightly thinner than the old computer, which was in a horizontal case and lived under the monitor until the upgrades shuffled it off to the floor over there...

'Scuse the babbling. :)

I do prefer the keyboard and mouse to be low, but I'm using a laptop, so the keyboard is sorta stapled to the display. The mouse is off the phone book, though.

Height is interesting. Of the people who I am more than vaguely acquainted with on campus, I am taller than exactly two of them: Brandon H. and Dr. Sally Goldman. I'm shorter than everybody else I know. Of course, there are a bunch of classmates who I don't really know who I'm about the same size as or slightly taller, but they're not in the category of "people who I am more than vaguely acquainted with".

But this growth spurt is why I convinced my parents to get me one of the larger meal plans...

There seems to be a disproportionate number of tall people in the Engineering school. Both of my ACM teammates are more than six feet tall (and yes, the team photos therefore make me look really really short), two people in EnCouncil are more than 6'4, and Geoff is 6'9. (He has to duck under a lot of doorways.)

...I've been noding on Everything2 for too long. I have this urge to put [square brackets] around everything that could potentially be a good hard link to another node. (My username there is "Windrider", if you're curious.)

Yeah, that's still luck. I'm still about... four to five inches below average male height, and I've grown maybe... an inch in the last three years. There's no hope for me.

There are pictures from this past TCO... man, I look tiny compared to everyone else. Of course, I look tiny compared to most everyone, so...

Height is such a fickle thing. I spend half the time feeling short and another quarter feeling too tall. And I'm quite jealous of you for actually having a growth spurt. I hate feeling short; I went from being one of the taller people in middle school to being too short to see in the cabinets in the mandatory high school home ec class. (Just the thing to make you feel good when you've never cooked before - the only way to tell what's in the cabinets is to start jumping like an idiot or ask someone taller - who invariably looks at you thinking that you can't be too short to see.)

~Fire Eyes

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