December 29th, 2002

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Planetarium: Open Late Around The Holidaze

Whee. We closed late today in the Planetarium; hence, I just did six hours straight of volunteer work, interrupted only for two slices of pizza and a little container of tomato soup.

The day started out with me passing by Cyberville to petition Scott for a recommendation letter for Washington University. He agreed; he'll be emailing that soon.

I continued on to the Planetarium, where Kristi asked me if I was staying until 5:30 because we closed late. I obidiently got out my cell phone and called my parents to tell them of the schedule change.

I then went over to the adjacent cafe and spent a nickel I found on the ground to get a styrofoam coffee cup for Mark, who needed one. We have regular coffee mugs availible... but it's a good idea to wash them first.

Exiting the office to get a drink of water, whoever she is who works behind the ticket desk motioned me over. Handing me $2.00, she asked me to get her a Mountian Dew; lacking any other tasks, I complied and refused to keep the change when offered.

I then had to let a security guard who was having ID card trouble into the office; then and only then did I get my water.

After that, we opened.

I started out on the StarBridge, the top floor. Greeting people as the entered (using the lighting to great dramatic effect by standing directly under one of them; they're red lights, to not be a problem for people on the StarBay since the Overlook is right there), I discovered three lights out and an exhibit down; reporting that to Kristi, I returned to inform people that while kicking the exhibit wouldn't make it do anything, pushing the button would.

I proceeded to my next assignment, taking tickets. No big deal, except the ticket-taker's desk doubles as an information counter. I spent one hour answering questions non-stop.

Mouth dry, Kristi let me off 15 minutes early for my pizza, which I needed. Returning to my duties, I went to the next shift- working in the Star Shuttle.

No big deal, I thought. Brittany would take the tickets and send the people back, I'd give the information and take them up, wash, rinse, repeat.

Except Brittany was exceptionally inept at that. She failed to understand that it's her job- not mine, I don't have the time when I'm operating the Shuttle on a busy day- to count out 28 people, our maximum capacity.

No, she was just letting though as many as she could take the tickets for, as quickly as possible. With a 150 person line.

Yes, 150 people in line. Yes, that's absolutely incredible. Yes, it was incredibly exhausting. Yes, Kristi gave me a second break after that.

I continued, up on the Star Bridge, or so I had planned. On the way there, no fewer than seven groups asked me how to get to the exit; when I finally made it up there (after assisting all parties involved), I met several more lost people.

We need some better signage.

That shot the time I had; the rest was spent making a handwritten OUT OF ORDER sign for another exhibit which busted, and hunting for some tape for it.

My final job, doing the "closing run" of the Shuttle, was uneventful.


Damn, I'm tired.
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