December 24th, 2002

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So... close... and... yet... so... far...


Hey, I didn't know I could make that sound.

I think I'm starting to get this robot program right. My father and I finally have a workable design; it now looks like a gargantuan LEGO beetle, with two huge mandible-claws out in front, on skids, to grab objects.

Hypothetically. My program is found to not work; the modlulus is far, far slower than expected. So I reprogrammed it to a rollover- no problem.

Heh. I still can't speed the motors independantly. A and C keep going at the speed of 7, no matter what. I'm getting closer to solving it; I'm about to check if the [tt]init[/tt] function is somehow getting called a whole bunch. Running a program tracewatch (keeping the robot near the RCX and allowing NQC to follow every move and watch every variable) would probably be a good idea.

Well, if it wasn't for what happened last run.

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Limbs, correct use of

Feet are entirely underused in our society. Why is it so odd that I will turn on a light switch with a foot if my hands are full- or if I just don't feel like turning? Or open a door? Or lift an object? Or turn on my computer? Or *insert action here*?
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Today was the Norberg Christmas Party, which I and my parents have now taken the onus of hosting.

My extended family arrived- mostly from Boston- at about 3:30 PM, complete with large piles of gifts that couldn't quite all be fit under the tree. After a dinner of soup-from-cans and lunch-meat sandwiches (gourmet food indeed), we went to what is, according to my cousin Jeremy, "the main event." The unwrapping of presents.

For one round, each of us takes turns opening one gift- and then we go wild.
Jeremy got a metal detector; I got a four-inch fish fossil, my mother got a cookbook, and I can't remember what anybody else got.

I opened an envelope from my Aunt Karen and her fiancee (they've been dating for about six years now). It was a nice card, as usual, and a check fell out, as usual. Expecting another $50.00 to put in the bank, I damn near passed out when I discovered the contents of the check would triple it. The check was twenty times what I expected.

I was starting to ask Aunt Karen if it's a mistake, as I read the card.

"...P.S.: the check isn't a mistake."

Aunt Karen knows me very well.

I thanked her profusely.

Following that event, I had to, as usual, entertain Jeremy. Fortunately, he only had four brownies and was relatively tired, so four games of Floor Ball plus four holes of mini-golf and a game of pinball or eight were enough to tire him out.

Too bad the robot didn't work. We switched the arrangement to gear down with a worm gear; unfortunately, the forces were enough to cause the gear to, even as securely as we held it on, remove itself from the axle before it turned the 40-tooth gear I had mounted on the arms. Oh well.

Christmas isn't done; my parents and I exchange gifts tomorrow morning.
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