December 23rd, 2002

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Help! I've just discovered that, yet again, starting tomorrow (!), my house will be used for three days as rather a free hotel for some of my relatives. We have the space and the supplies; the problem is that the relatives involved are my uncle Craig and cousin Jeremy.

Craig is no problem; Jeremy is more than a bit worrying.

I'm not going to get any schoolwork done when he arrives, no way. He's the Avatar of Whiny Little Kids; every irritating little brother rolled into one. I can tolerate it- it's only three days- but I do have to Jeremy-proof the house. Again, no big deal.

Historically, it's also my job to keep Jeremy entertained.

That's a problem.

I won't be able to get online much when he's here, that's for sure. He has a short attention span, and he's more than slightly selective about what activities he prefers. And it almost always falls to me to entertain him; Uncle Craig doesn't see a problem, as Jeremy's getting to play with someone he almost never sees. So he can just step back, let me care for Jeremy, and engage my parents in conversation and advice for three days straight to an extent that they can't break free to assist.


Something which has worked in the past to get me a short break is my computer's voice synthesizer, complete with digital parrot. I write a short story, feed it into the app, it spits out a five minute break while the comptuer reads Jeremy a story.

The catch: getting the story. I'm a passable writer for this type of thing- but I'm tapped out right now from my college essay. I don't have any ideas.

Call this a plea for help. I need ideas for stories that I could write- I've got Jeremy for three days, so six would be about right. Winter-ish or Christmas-y (but not religious) if possible. All I need is the idea; I can expand it once I have that, but I'm blank right now.

Suggestions? Please?
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