November 25th, 2002

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(Insert Loud Scream Or Roar Here)

I have gotten stuck on the absolute last question on my literature test. I have been asked to describe the "Simon Wheeler" of Mark Twain's unforgettable "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

But I've always sucked at reading between the lines, and this is no exception. They want his education level, his attire... all these little things not stated.

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George W. Buzzword

Well, looks like Mr. B has just signed a bill abridging American civil rights even further.

What amuses me about this is his speech. I got sick of it less than halfway through, but in that time I counted:

"Terrorism" (or variant): 19 times
"Security": 28 times
"Weapons of mass destruction"(or variant): 6 times

...George W. Buzzword indeed.
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A Sticky Situation

(Insert Snarl Here)
So close... and yet... so... far...

I've typed up two pages of answers for literature. I have answered every single stupid assnine question they ask. I have printed out the answers. I have cut them out in preparation for gluing them to my answer sheet, which I do because I have truly illegible handwriting.

I cannot find functional glue.

I found three congealed containers of liquid or gel glue, and two totally dried-up glue sticks.

I cannot find any usable glue.


----EDITED to not create another post ----


AND NOW I CAN'T FIT THE @#$% ANSWERS ON THE @#$% SHEET BECAUSE I WAS TOO @#$% COMPLETE IN ANSWERING THE @#$% THING! @#$% @#$% @#$% #$%^ !@#$ &@$% !@#$ ^@#$% !@#$ @#$% @#$% @#$%^ **** **** #$% @*!% !@#%
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