November 21st, 2002

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On The Intelligence Of Little Balls Of Feathers

There's a sparrow outside my window. It's standing next to one of our yard's plants of some sort; I'm not a botanist, so I'm not sure what it is.

The sparrow has now taken the end of a very thin branch in its beak.

*shooka* *shooka* *shooka*

With a vigorous shake of the head, the sparrow throws quite a few seeds and other edible bits free, which it proceeds to collect and eat.

Cool. We have sparrows who have learned how to gather seed more effectively than one grain at a time.
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A Techie's Horror Novel

This is absolutely freakin' terrifying. It's nothing new, this is actually from 1998, but I'm wanting to share the Halloween Documents with the world.

Just start reading at Document 1 and go on.

Warning: The contents may shock and terrify you. If you held any belief that Microsoft had any benevolent intent, it WILL be utterly shattered. This is Microsoft's true motives and actions laid bare.

They're trying to kill open-source software. The only true freedom a programmer has left.

Don't let the Gates from Hell win.
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Judo Class: No

Damn. Sensei got sick, and judo class is called off.

I hope she gets better soon... I don't want her to be ill.
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Seen as a subtitle on the feature picture (y'know, that little picture they show as the anchor gives the blurb about the story) on a police investigation:


...Read that a couple of times and you'll realize what's wrong.
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