November 12th, 2002

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Judo Class: Improvement

I'm getting better at judo.

According to my Sensei and all my classmates, anyway- and I'd trust them more than myself on the topic.

Class started with me getting a new gi. The old one was way too small; Sensei also got me a bleached white gi, which looks better.

Class began.

After basic falls, and getting some dirt out of my eye, I managed to jump one block higher on our jumping drills than I ever had before; while I knocked the next block off, that's not too bad!

We continued with throwing drills- which I had to miss due to reasons of a full bladder. I returned from the room around the corner as Sensei was convincing Keith to teach the class how to do a major inside reaping throw. (And I can't think of the Japanese name for the life of me.) It was interesting- as Sensei explains how his slightly unorthodox method is far more effective in tournament.

Sho had less luck leading the class. He did the inner thigh throw fine; explaining was his fault. I can't hold it against him, however; English isn't Sho Ota's first language.

After learning the modifications of those techniques, we went on to the pracice matches.

Round 1: Adam VS. Caine
Caine and I were set against each other in the first match- the two youngest and smallest people in the class. It was a very even match, and about like usual with one major difference: Caine couldn't throw me. He usually manages to fight me down to the mat and we end up on a deadlock in pins, but this time, he went down first. I guess I am improving.

Round 2: Adam VS. John
A. K. A. Short Guy VS. Tall Guy.
Big Surprise Of The Evening: A deadlock. I expected to be thrown; with some weird twists and turns, I managed to prevent him from getting a scoring throw. Or from choking me.

The problem with the medium of language is that there is really no way to describe a judo match in words. I need to gesticulate, darn it!

Round 3: Me VS. Beth
Time for me to learn arm bars. Beth was starting this one mostly for what she needed- fair enough; there are enough times when I end up working with someone who acts as, essentially, a tackling dummy to test techniques on.

Except she didn't ask. She wanted me to fight, so I did.

I lost, of course. But what impressed her was that she had real trouble getting the arm bar done, and how I managed to throw her in the process. Not a full-point quality throw, but enough to get noted.

After class, Sensei talked to me about how I did.

She refused to let me chalk it all up to a tired opponent, someone going easy on me, and extreme flexibility, respectively. She (and later, Beth) made it quite clear that I've been doing a lot better.

Y'know what? I guess I am.

Funny quote of the night:
Sensei, demonstrating a variant of the inner thigh throw for if your opponent tries to step out: "Now, your opponent isn't stupid. You keep do this throw, he catch on. He will step out. So you need to hop some... (After demonstration and explanations) However, if your opponent IS stupid, this not matter."
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