November 10th, 2002

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My Return

Well, I'm back.

What a trip. It went better than some, but more exhaustingly than most.

This is going to be LONG; therefore...

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Transmission Stopped!

Opera is a great browser. Sucky compatability for some special features, so I whip out IE for that (IE, Internet Exploder; some people speculate that the name is a backronym from what the first testers said... "IIIIEEEEE!")

A nice feature is that if it loses a connection halfway through loading a webpage, it shows you what it's got, appending "Transmission Stopped!" in h2 text below the page, unlike most other browsers which show you nothing but an error.

This can cause some amusing decapitations.

Seen on some online news headline page:

Bush Presses for U.S. Homeland Security Bill Soon
GAO Head Expects Accounting Board Probe to Be Swift
Republicans Smell

*Transmission Stopped!*

...yeah. Really.
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