October 17th, 2002

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Attack of the Mutant Squirrels!

...my backyard is getting weirder and weirder.

It started out innocently enough, three years ago.

Over here in Misourri, although I've learned it's different for most of the world, we have gray squirrels. As opposed to the more popular color of orange-red or brown. So you see a gray squirrel scampering up a tree and diving for our birdfeeder, since we made it so they can't climb the pole. A common sight.

Wait- what the... that squirrel has a RED tail!

It ws rather distinct. Instead of the usual gray bushy tail, it had a scrawny, half-furred, weird rust-colored tail. Rather striking.

Next year, there were a whole bunch of red-tailed squirrels. Apparently, it's a dominant gene.

Now, the squirrels are getting weirder.

I just looked out the window. It seems my yard is the original home of a new breed- or possibly species- of squirrel. It is almost, but not entirely, unlike a squirrel.

Or at least its back legs are. It has this scrawny little tail, and the back legs of a rabbit.

That would be the new faster breed, people. Beware the "squirrbits."

Brings back memories of before I moved- that squirrel eating every last bite of the food in the squirrel-proof suet feeder, by (since it couldn't get a grip on the thing itself) hanging from its tail (really) on the branch from which the feeder is hung, and eating, over the course of a week, every last bite of the food. It finished, so it just let go. It sort of bounced when it hit the ground- the fattest squirrel I ever saw in my entire life.

And then there was the equally obese one that got in to our squirrel-proof birdfeeder by diving from the adjacent tree, stood on top of the baffle that's supposed to keep squirrels from climbing the pole but made a very nice platform on whcih to stand, and drained the feeder.

Well, until it got too large for the platform to support, which broke under the weight of Fatso the Squirrel.
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