October 15th, 2002

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Linkage Of The [time.period.here]

Furious George (And the Cross-Country Crime Spree)
One of the funniest online games EVER. You play as an insane monkey, trying to get points by commiting horrid crimes. "The monkey laces several bottles of shampoo with hair-removal chemicals at a local drugstore in Clarksburg, West Virginia."...

s y n t h s t r u m e n t a l
My site, containing absolutely nothing draconic other than the URL so I can show it to people I know in reality without exposing my reality. It's a whole bunch of Weird Electronic Music mp3 files, composed by me.

Internet Anagram Server: I, Rearrangement Servant
Great fun. Put words in, it spits out anagrams. Unfortunately "Kistaro" doesn't do much that's particularly interesting- "STAR KOI" is the best I can do.

And More, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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