October 11th, 2002

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I can

Well, my foot's feeling somewhat better, thanks in great part to my parents. My father did something equally stupid in his youth, and so did my mother.

Resistance forces- difficulties and challenges- are what make you strong. My injuring my foot is actually showing me how much stronger I've gotten from judo. When I last hurt myself this severely, two years ago (not long after I started judo), I couldn't use the crutches we had. You see, I was too weak.

Now, I'm getting around on them as quickly as I can move on legs, and I'm not tiring out yet.

It's amazing- a semiserious injury is creating confidence?
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If it ain't broke...

Well, at least my foot's not broken, according to the X-rays and the fact that it's getting better. I might be able to work at the Science Center tomorrow...
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