October 10th, 2002

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Video Games

*boing* *squeak* *zip*
Arr.. this level is hard...
*pop* *wak*
There! The goal's in sight! That's the final ring! Just a few more jumps...
*boing* *boing* *Yoshi scream*
*Human scream*
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    The Map Screen Music to "Yoshi's Island" Advance
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Audio Rant

Why is it that music authors feel they have to use every effect availible to them in whatever composition environment they use? Why? Why? Why?

Right now, I'm listening to someone's rendition of the "Temple stage" music from "Donkey Kong Land (1)". The original was excellent, as was all the music in that game.

So why, oh why, did the author have to put those very, very ill-sounding slides in the song? It sounds beyond terrible- like it overshot the note so had to slide back to it. That is NOT a good thing, let me tell you.
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    A very ill-sounding rendition of the "Temple" music from "Donkey Kong Land"
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Testosterone Poisoning


My right foot is in throbbing pain.

Needless to say, judo class didn't go too well. Actually, it didn't go at all, because I decided to be a moron and try to do a handstand before class, failed to do so, and fell over. This wouldn't, in itself, be a problem, except I fell backwards, thereby causing me to land feet-first and sprain my right foot. Now I can't walk.

It just goest to show that dragons are as vulnerable to testosterone poisoning as anybody else.
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    A rather good MIDI rendition of the music to the "IceCap Zone" from Sonic The Hedgehog 3