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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Word of the Day
color cycle (slow)
gross, adj: Said of my mother's dishwater, after it has been sitting out for seven hours.

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And eating week-old doughnuts. I think that was a mistake.

Barf: v. The inevitable result of a week-old doughnut

Um. Yuck? Doughnuts aren't really my sort of thing anyway, as they tend to make me hurl even when they're fresh (last one I had left me barfing out my nose- yay grease allergy), but a week-old doughnut does not strike me as a particularly appetizing sort of pastry even to those without such a tendency.

There's a box of cereal sitting on top of my refrigerator. This isn't particularly odd; actually, there are several boxes of cereal atop the refrigerator. It's where we store the cereal. What makes me a bit uncomfortable, however, is that this particular box of cereal, apparently containing "Frosted Wheat Block Thingies" or somesuch, is over three months old. This is the age where it becomes difficult to tell any difference in flavor between the cereal and the box.

My dishwasher is fun. It gets so hot that it melts the cutting boards my folks use. They have warped, and just the other day the whole upstairs smelled like melting plastic, and I opened the door to find a blob of plastic dripping off of the cutting board.


Egad. Perhaps your water heater is a bit psychotic?

We have a dishwasher. It's used as a large drying rack. It doesn't clean the dishes worth shit, so my mother does the dishes by hand...

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