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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Samus! Samus! Samus! Samus!
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The real advantage to getting monetary gifts at Christmas- such as the $135 from my grandfather, to reimburse me for my TI Voyage 200- is that when you buy your own gift, it's during after-Christmas sales. The upshot to this is that things I've decided I'll only buy when the price drops below a certain threshhold become immediately availible for purchase with Christmas money because the sales temporarily dropped the price within that threshhold.

Mmm. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. $37.00 at Target, the sale is good until January 1... just a public service announcement.

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Sweet, isn't it?

The only way our family celebrates Easter is to go around and buy candy on sale after the season is over.

I wish I'd get money more, really - it means that you actually get what you want. People often find a taboo associated with it, for some reason.

Well, there is a taboo, and at least in my family, it has two major facets:

1. "You don't know what I want?! Even after I told you?!" (angry outburst)
2. The gift you get with the money (or however you spend it) is something that you get yourself, not something that was given to you. For some reason, it seems that (in my case at least) monetary gifts are forgotten much sooner than something specific.

I've made it easy for myself in that department though, whenever I find out that I have new family members, they get a CD. When I come out with a new CD, it becomes the blanket gift for the whole family, for either birthdays or Christmas. Yes, I'm cheap. :~

I hate getting money. I usually don't spent it, it just goes into the "general fund" and disappears. Epsecially when it's from my parents, it means they didn't care to spend a fucking second thinking about what to get me.

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