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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Suicide crisis
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edit: In the time it took me to write this post, Bartek has posted that he's decided to fight; he's not commiting suicide. This post remains, and somebody still needs to contact a poison control center immediately.

bartek has made a credible threat on his own life. All I know about him is that he lives in Germany. If anybody can get more information- perhaps a phone number- and can contact him in some way, or perhaps make the German equivalent to a 911 call with his contact information, that would likely be the prudent course of action to take.

As far as I can determine, Bartek has taken an overdose of some form of medication; what is unclear from his posts is whether or not he intends to go through with his stated plan to jump off the 9th story of whereever he is- whether he has decided to do so or to not do so. Whichever it is, somebody with more information than me needs to ACT NOW.

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Have you contacted the Livejournal Abuse team?

That was my next action to take, but Bartek has since posted, in short, that he's changed his mind. The post was a little ambiguous, but that's understandable since he's trying to write in another language while drugged.

Somebody still needs to get him medical attention for that part, though, and I can't do it because I don't know German, I don't know any of Bartek's contact information, and I don't know what's availible in his region.

I'm pretty good with German - and if I'm at the computer, emailing me at my Yahoo account will get an almost-immediate response. (Sets off an alert through Trillian.) Almost but not quite as good as AIM. It may not be necessary now.. but if it ever is, I've had more German than I can shake a stick at. I can give a gist-translation almost immediately, as long as it isn't anything too obscure. (Technical writing is completely beyond me - LJ-type stuff shouldn't be.)

Someone keep us all informed?

I'm on it. I'll contact the LJ Abuse team with contact info for the local Poison Control Center... they should be able to help... I'll repost with more.

I have only the information you gave me, and have contacted the LJ Abuse Team with everything I could come up with. Can you give me a link to the specific place where the threat was made? I'd like to update the 'trouble' ticket sent to LJ Abuse, and meine Deutch ist nicht so gut diese Tagen. My syntax is horrible too.

http://www.livejournal.com/users/bartek/63130.html is where he posted that he decided to live, and http://www.livejournal.com/users/bartek/62814.html is where the original threat was made. Both posts are under friends-only locks, which, as you might have noticed, I am not particularly respecting at the moment. Bartek, please forgive the invasion of privacy, but I think I'm acting correctly.

I did what I could, and LJ Abuse did what they can. If, by some chance, someone has that users' real name and address, there isn't much that we can do that I can think of. Here's their response:

Dear Louie,

Thank you for your report. We agree that the situation is quite urgent. Unfortunately, in this particular case, we can't help. We are, unfortunately, limited in what information we have about the user. We can only contact the user's local authorities if we have a user's full name and address or phone number (landline, not mobile line); we don't collect any additional information from users. In this case, we can't find enough information about the user to be able to contact the local authorities for them to find help.

We also do not have any fluent speakers of German available on the Abuse team, and the individuals we usually ask to translate for us are not available. Even if we could find enough information to conclusively identify the user, we would be unable to call. We would not contact the poison control center, as they are only able to provide advice in the event of an accidental ingestion of drugs; we contact the local authorities, such as the police or the paramedics.

In this case, because the user has indicated he has decided he wishes to live, we suggest you urge him to contact his local paramedic emergency hotline and request assistance. We do sincerely apologize that we are unable to be of more help in this case. Our thoughts will be with you and your friend.

If you are able to locate more information about the user -- generally, the paramedics require full name and address, at the very least, to investigate a situation -- please do let us know. We will continue to work to find someone who can speak enough conversational German to make a phone call for us.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

My best advice is for him (or someone who knows exactly where he lives - knows him in real life) contact the Krankenhaus for an ambulance. If you live in Deuchland, there should be NO REASON to expect an American to know how to do this (I know it's 110 or 101, but I just can't remember - it's been soooo long).

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