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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On Bypassing DVD Advertisements
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So among other things, I got a Shrek 2 DVD for Christmas. I just finished watching it; to say that I enjoyed the movie ('twas the first time I saw it) was an understatement. Something that had started to peeve me, however, was the ads at the start- y'know, the ones that disable the "Fast Forward" button? Yeah, those ads.

I figured out a trick to bypass them anyway. This only works if the ads come up when you first start playing the disc and not at any other time.

1. Stop the DVD.
2. From the main screen of your DVD player, with the disc not running but in, hit the "Jump to MENU" button.

You'll immediately be at the main menu; it's how I bypassed all the ads at the start of the disc.

Gah. Why the fuck do advertisers think we'll react favoribly to an advertisement forcibly placed at the start of a disc I already paid for? And then they have the balls to force us to watch it every damn time? Anyway, it's nice to defeat their little "You can't fast-forward here, bitch" trick. I figure it's probably obvious and standard and everybody does it, but I felt like posting about it anyway. So there.

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You're not supposed to react favorably. You're supposed to consume.

I after I learned about the region lockout "feature" (more like handicap) on movie DVD's and DVD players, the more I can to regard the technology and nothing more than overbloated, overhyped trash. Sure, video games have them too, and they're relatively easy to work around, but only movie DVD's have these "bitch ads" and aren't able to be ripped to ISO like games can, for easy "backup" purposes.

I'm sure I'd have more say on the issue if I had ever encountered said ads before, but I haven't. Then again, I don't ever watch movies.

I've found that once you cut the bullshit, the best DVD player out there is a PS2, since you can use something like Gameshark 2 on it to disable region lockouts.

Hey let's put in random advertisements in the middle of the program!

...and we are supposed to consume angrily, so that we may embark upon a rampage of consumption. At least I don't stick ads at the front of movies... I stick them in LJ comments and the like. Now that I've admitted to my folly, I'll hastily fail to insert an add into this comment. For variety, you know. :)

Hey, something weird happened to your icon... it flipped around and got all pixellated funny. *grins*

What can I say? I needed a "weird" sort of icon, for when "hey you totally forgot", the spamusement.com icon, isn't quite appropriate...

Bleah. I guess MSPaint doesn't compress JPGs very well. Oh well, it goes nicely with the icon anyway...

*giggles* I could recompress one for you, if you like. Photoshop's good at that stuff. *grins*

I did see credits, though - thanks. Just thought I'd point it out.

No need, I can recompress it as well. I was just too lazy to do a proper job of it at the time; I've got The GIMP, which compresses the image just fine. It just takes a minute to load, and I was too impatient.

Hey, I try to give proper image credit!

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